About the protocol

What is POAP?

The Proof of Attendance Protocol turns precious moments into collectibles. Using blockchain technology, POAP tokenizes your memories, so they can last forever and be truly yours.

Making memories durable has deep implications for how people organize. From entertainment, to direct funding, to fostering belonging, we're building a better world with POAP.

POAPs are collectibles.

POAPs are collectible tokens that represent our stories.
Each POAP is a reminder of an experience that's shared between collectors. Your POAP collection is a scrapbook and a passport: it's a handy way to capture your life's greatest hits, in a way that may unlock surprises down the road.

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    POAPs are durable

    POAPs are minted to a public ledger, giving them more staying power than other keepsakes. Backed by cryptography, POAPs are designed to be truly yours.

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    POAPs are personal

    POAPs are made to preserve the things that are important to individuals. Each POAP represents a non-fungible, unforgettable, irreplaceable part of who you are.

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    POAPs are priceless

    A POAP is a collectible proof of what you did to earn it. Contribution, expertise, and outsized efforts should all be celebrated with POAP.


    POAP is an ecosystem.

    Teams build on POAP to create a more connected world. The Proof of Attendance Protocol is host to teams building products, issuers running programs, and service providers of all stripes. We're all working towards a world more in touch with our shared history.

      What makes
      a good POAP Drop?

      POAP maintains the spirit of the protocol by curating POAP Drops for quality and craftsmanship. We’re committed to making POAP synonymous with delight, nostalgia, and connection.

      All POAPs are minted in memory of a story that connects collectors. A good POAP Drop tells that story well. The POAP Issuer Guidelines provide a good starting point for issuers seeking direction.

      POAPs are standard ERC-721 tokens minted on the POAP smart contracts.
      For practical reasons, the smart contracts are currently governed by POAP Inc.

      The tamper-resistant nature of this system enables important properties.



      Every POAP has a unique and unmodifiable serial number, making POAPs non-fungible.



      Collectors own their POAPs, making them tradeable and transferrable.



      Minting memories with POAP means your memories are safe.

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